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This category of affairs (determination of the child’s place of residence) is rather difficult to resolve because the interests of the child are directly affected here, and the wrong decision, in terms of the interests of the child, can turn into a tragedy for him.

Therefore, the key point in such disputes are the interests of the child.

The court will take into account the child’s age, his attachment to each of the parents, brothers, sisters (if any), other family members, the moral and other personal qualities of the parents, the relationship between each of them and the child, the prospect for his upbringing and development , as well as the type of activity and mode of work of parents, their financial and family status.

You should know that the advantage of one parent in the material and domestic terms is not in itself an unconditional motive in order to satisfy his requirements and other circumstances characterizing the situation that has developed in the places where the mother and father live where the material and the domestic argument can outweigh.

A guardianship and trusteeship body is involved in the case, which is required to submit to the court an act of examining the living conditions of the child, and acts of examining the material and living conditions of each of the parents, as well as their conclusion on the merits of the stated requirement. Such a conclusion reflects the opinion of the child himself and his attitude towards the parents (and in the cases provided by law, the child’s consent).