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Federal Crimes



Federal crimes investigations can be intensive. The federal government has practically unlimited resources at its disposal. The process for a federal criminal prosecution and a state criminal prosecution are similar but not the same. This requires an individual to work with not just an attorney who has experience on the state level but also a federal crimes attorney who has a successful track record who the defendant can build a relationship with. Building a relationship with your attorney is an essential part of the defense process. You must trust your legal counsel to the full extent in order to be effective in vigorously protecting your rights and crafting a superb defense strategy.


There is a myriad of federal crimes a person may be charged. Some of the most commonly seen kinds of federal crimes that a federal crimes attorney may come across are:

♦ Conspiracy;

♦ RICO Violations;

♦ Drug Distribution;

♦ Mail and Wire Fraud;

♦ Tax Fraud;

♦ Internet Crimes;

♦ Counterfeiting;

♦ Drug Manufacturing;

♦ Credit Card Fraud;

♦ Perjury;

♦ Health Care Fraud.

Sentencing for federal offenses is one of the different aspects that separate federal crimes prosecution from state crimes prosecution. In federal court, the judge is not bound by what the prosecution and the defense counsel come up with in regards to sentencing. The judge is bound by the mandatory minimums and the maximums of the sentencing guidelines. This is one of the biggest differences when dealing with a federal case over a state case where the negotiation of a plea deal is normally given during sentencing with no discrepancy.


A federal investigation is a lengthy process that may take many months before any formal charges are filed. But after the moment they officially filed, even the most skilled and knowledgeable federal crimes lawyer will have difficulties with “catching up” to a long time of the deep investigation. That means, everyone who is contacted by any federal law agency needs to call a New York federal crimes attorney immediately.

If any federal investigator is contacting you, no matter as a witness or as a suspected individual, do not just sit and wait. In most federal investigation cases, an early intervention of a well prepared knowledgeable federal defense lawyer may, in fact, prevent possible indictments. Including the fact, available resources for the government investigation are much larger than any individual can afford, getting a seasoned New York federal crimes attorney is a necessary step for your future.

Taking in consideration possible severe penalties for a federal criminal conviction, it is especially important to find an experienced New York federal crimes attorney with a deep knowledge and understanding of the Federal Sentencing Guidelines. Understanding the insides of a federal court system and knowing what questions an individual probably may be asked for is extremely important for reaching the best possible outcome.

Defining and understanding a proper federal sentence may be incredibly complicated, so it is crucial to work with a highly skilled and effective New York federal defense lawyer from the very beginning to minimize that probable sentence and all legal consequences it can lead to.


The Sharova Law Firm has many years of experience in defending clients successfully as federal crimes attorneys. They have the skills necessary to craft a strong defense around the evidence and within the scope of the law. They also possess prized quality litigation skills alongside a tenacious personality if a case ever needs to go to trial. The attorneys at the Sharova Law Firm keep a unique high-quality client experience approach to everything they do for their clients.

If you have already been charged or at least you suspect there is a risk you will be charged with a federal crime, time is the main factor. Federal criminal charges are extremely serious and harsher than others, so you require a sufficient New York federal defense attorney who is professional and can be aggressive enough when it comes to coping with truly aggressive opponents. Efficient federal crimes defense lawyers at Sharova Law Firm will check all circumstances of the case to assure you that all your constitutional rights are respected during the investigation and all requirements are absolutely met, especially when considering such serious issues as, for example, a search of money or property.

If you are involved in federal white collar crime, it is possible for the federal crimes lawyers of the Law Office of Yelena Sharova P.C. to reach a pre-indictment arrangement that is a permission for you to pay restitution fine and probably evade imprisonment you may face. Experience in that legal area and true understanding of all circumstances of the federal case is a key factor for a proper federal crimes attorney choice. A perfect New York government investigation attorney should take each case individually, with a deeply personalized approach and relentless attention to the details of your case.


Dedicated New York federal crimes lawyers of Sharova Law Firm have a great reputation among many federal judges and prosecutor, as reliable legal experts with an effective precise approach to each case, accurate legal representation during the court proceedings and a lengthy history of successfully handled cases involving various federal crimes. Our tactic is creating a powerful defense strategy based on the unique circumstances of your case. Using all available legal resources, alongside with our established knowledge and great court experience, our federal crimes attorneys will provide the most favorable outcome possible in your federal case.

Federal defense attorneys at the Law Office of Yelena Sharova P.C. take their important job seriously and are ready to operate all possible factors to create a solid and reliable defense tactic for their clients. Nothing is more crucial for us than preserving your rights from potential government prosecution.

If you or someone you know is in need of a federal crimes attorney, contact the Sharova Law Firm and you will be met by one of the many high-quality federal crimes attorneys there. You will receive a confidential consultation and be met with the high-quality client care that is customary at the Sharova Law Firm that has come to be their reputation. Do not hesitate, contact the Sharova Law Firm via the website, email, or phone, today to schedule a confidential consultation with one of our legal professionals.